What To Look Out for with Luxury Car Rentals?

You are planning a long-awaited road trip with your friends or want to take your beloved out on a romantic date. Or perhaps you want to escape on a fun-filled vacation with your family. Or you want to make a lasting impression at a business meeting. Or maybe you are looking forward to making your dream of driving a luxury car come true. Fret not! Luxury car rental has you covered.

There are many prestige car hire companies in London that bring to you the exciting opportunity of getting behind the wheels of an exotic car – while saving you more money unlike owning a vehicle. After all, driving a luxury car is a status symbol today, regardless of whether you want a classy one like Maserati, a sporty car like Lamborghini or choose Rolls Royce hire.

luxury car rental in London

Undoubtedly, cruising in a high-speed and ravishing prestige car is an experience that will make adrenaline rush. So, if you are considering hiring one, there are some important factors to keep in mind. With these car hire tips handy, waive off the hassles and have an enjoyable trip.

1. Do your research well ahead of the trip

Do you keep things for the last moment? Not at least for luxury car rental in London! Without prior booking, it is almost likely that you’ll end up with a hatchback rather than your dream luxury car.

So, plan ahead of time and make prior to booking to secure a prestige car you’ve been looking for. Ask yourself what is the purpose of renting the car – a wedding, family vacation, business trip, adventure tour or another occasion. With all the excitement of getting behind the power wheels, do not forget to consider price and practicality.

2. Get a Guarantee for the Model

While most good car hire companies deliver what you book but uncertainties will always be there. A smart way out is to get a guarantee for the exact luxury car model you book.

3. Self-Drive or Chauffeur

In most cases, you can experience the thrill and joy of driving the exotic car yourself. It is perfect for holidays or adventure tours when you want to have the freedom of travelling according to your convenience. For business trips or special occasions like weddings, you can consider renting a chauffeur-driven car that will further add to your style statement and comfort.

4. Consider Your Group Size and Baggage Space

Just because you are eyeing that ravishing Ferrari sports car does not mean you will hire it when travelling with a group of friends or family. Be it a sports car or a supercar, the space is often limited. So, before you book, it is important to keep your group size in mind.

rent luxury cars in London

Also, check the luggage capacity of the car before you book. After all, you do not want to be crammed up between your co-passengers and that hard case Samsonite! For cars with limited luggage space, you can either consider packing less or plan the trip as a loop. In this way, you can get back to the hotel where you have bigger luggage stored.

5. Book Both-Way Luxury Car Rental to Save

In most cases, luxury cars are delivered on the back of a truck or by a chauffeur. The cost for driver and trucking may often exceed the rental price depending on the distance between your pick-up or drop-off location and the garage. Therefore, it is always a good idea to rent both ways and from major cities like London. This can help you avoid significant delivery fees.

6. Check Out for Insurance

Before you rent luxury cars in London, ensure the vehicle is fully insured against own and third-party damages. Typically, all high-end cars are insured because these are high-speed vehicles. Even small damage to the car can cost substantial money in repairs. But at the same time, the insurance should cover third-party damages as well.

See if the car hire company has insurance included in the rental package. Otherwise, you can check if your credit card or personal auto insurance provides coverage for car rental. By using your credit card or personal insurance, you can save a few pounds.

7. Rent for an Extended Period – Avoid Half-Day Rentals

If you can, try to avoid half-day luxury car rental because in most cases, the price is determined based on the 24-hour rental period. So, even if you want the car for half a day, it will be considered a full rental day. Additionally, booking for an extended period like 7 days or more can get you some special prices.

8. Be Aware of Any Mileage or Fuel Policy

Do not forget to check whether the car rental company has any mileage or fuel policy. In most cases, you’ll have a set limit for the number of miles you can travel. Beyond that, you may need to pay an additional fee for every extra mile travelled. Furthermore, also check if the car rental company has the fuel cost separate or included in the rental price. After all, you do not want to get a massive last-minute gas bill!

Are you thinking of a luxury car rental in London? Keep these tips handy and plan ahead for an exciting and joyous ride in your dream car.