The Maserati Levante

Take Me For A SPin








automatic Transmission


80 lt Fuel Tank

80 lt

350 BHP


3.0L, V6 Engine

3.0L, V6

6.0 0-60 mph

0-60 MPH

Maserati Levante

All the reliability of an SUV, all the class of Maserati.


The Maserati Levante is the answer for all those would-be racers that need to drive several passengers. If you have an adventurous spirit then the Levante is an SUV that lets you take care of the day-to-day driving, while still making sure you look good, whether you’re driving the car for a countryside break, a group trip or just simply want more space.

It’s classically shaped, elegantly poised, and sophisticated enough to knock the socks off even the highest of brows… this is Maserati at home, with its slippers on, trying to play it cool but unable to stop oozing style during the process. It’s effortless, it’s stylish, it’s a unique way of presenting an SUV and it is definitely one of our dream car rentals.

The Maserati Levante belongs in an art gallery; but until then you can hire them for driving.

So what are the benefits of hiring this particular high-end, luxury vehicle for your convenience? Asides from the thrilling performance of a hiring a Maserati, you also get:

From 0-60 in less than 6 seconds… name another SUV that can do that?

Enough space for up to five passengers and their luggage, as well as full five door access.

Twin turbo charged V6 and V8 engines for the best possible performance of any SUV that ever lived.

Horsepower of between 345 and 590. In terms of what this car can do? There is nothing in it that will let you down.

Whether you want to hire a car to take you to a meeting or whether you need a good, hardy vehicle to get you and the family around on vacation – the Maserati hire car is a great companion. The comfortable seating combined with maximum safety and core performance gives strength you can’t get with a sports car… all of these things combine to make the Levante something that extra little bit special.

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Features and Specifications

  • Engine: 3.0L, V6 engine
  • Power: 350 bhp
  • Maximum Speed: xxx mph
  • Acceleration:  0- 60 mph, 6 sec
  • Fuel: 80l

The Levante has the characteristically charming, easy to use interior associated with the brand. It is stylish on the inside as well as out. The leather interior is as rich and sumptuous as the lines of the body on this car. The shape of the headlamps, the responsive grip of the massive tyres, and the full digital control system on the inside is sheer luxury.

It is the premiere choice of those who dare to dream – but who can see the restrictions of reality… even so, in an attempt to combine both and bring them together, Maserati created the Levante… and we think they did a tremendous job with the marriage.

The Maserati Levante is available for rental for your holiday. If life is an opportunity and not a challenge then you just might be a Levante driver… there is only one way to find out.