The Mercedes Benz C-Class Convertible

Take Me For A SPin








automatic Transmission


57 lt Fuel Tank

57 lt

204 BHP


2.2L Engine


7.2 0-60 mph

0-60 MPH

Mercedes Benz C-Class C250D Convertible

Compact Executive – Practical and Elegant – Hood Down Enjoyment

The C-Class is a real delight and clearly a Mercedes Benz family member, in fact, it looks much like a shrunken S-Class which is a very good thing, with stylish looks, space, and comfort in abundance. The stylists have in no way traded these fine looks when making it a drop-top, its fabric, electric hood giving the car a great profile either when up or down. The fabric hood when up provides sound reduction that, even at motorway speeds, is so minimal that conversation is easy with little need to raise voices. When lowered, which takes 20 seconds at up to 30mph, the hood has a rear storage hatch that automatically opens and swallows up the fabric and rear window before flattening down to produce a stylish rear seat surround. This car is in no way a compromise from the Saloon or Coupe with plenty of the same refinement, luxury and power.

What this Convertible version does is allow you to enjoy all a C-Class has to offer PLUS the exhilaration of wind in the hair motoring that, due to Mercedes patented technologies developed to overcome the cold, including AIRCAP, which is an extendable spoiler on top of the windscreen deflecting air away from the cabin, and AIRSCARF, providing neck-level heating via air vents in the headrests, means you can enjoy going topless, even in a British winter. And when the sun does appear the car is certainly THE best place to enjoy it.

Altogether this is a highly desirable and competent convertible that can effortlessly soak up the miles as it traverses the country or makes its way around town. Inside, you will find plush leather with visually pleasing alloy and chrome finishes. The driver sits comfortably enjoying perfect positioning with everything to hand. A central touchpad for information and entertainment has an easy to navigate menu loaded with choices in ride, lighting, data, Sat Nav, radio and music. Link this to your smartphone and you'll have everything you need comfortably to hand.

Hire this rather special Mercedes from our London office then, with the roof down enjoy an uninterrupted view of the City's great sights and buildings, whilst sitting in total comfort. What could be better?The Mercedes C-Class Convertible comes with the finer luxuries you would come to expect from Mercedes Benz. The car includes electric, leather heated sports seats with additional Air Scarf that wraps you with warm air on a cold dry day you can enjoy the open top. Its also equipped with satellite navigation, front and rear parking with reverse camera.


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Features and Specifications

  • Engine: 2.1 L 4 Cylinder, Turbodiesel engine
  • Power: 201 bhp
  • Torque: 500 Nm
  • Maximum Speed: 135 mph
  • 0 – 62 mph : 6.6 sec
  • Fuel: Diesel

The Mercedes C-Class has the latest satellite navigation system, Adaptive breaks, Park-Pilot including PARKTRONIC, Bluetooth, USB connection for phones and music players.

The very first petrol powered Mercedes-Benz was made by Karl Benz, the company co-founder. He made his fiancée, Bertha, invest money into in the project as a part of the marriage law of the time.