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Mercedes S350 LWB

FROM £200 / Day

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4.6L, V8
70 lt
Minimum age to rent this vehicle: 28
Security deposit: £3000

Mercedes Benz S350 Blue Tec LWB

Size with Status – Refined and Elegant – Technology Packed

Being an S-Class the S350 LWB Blue Tec has all the status and refinement that is expected from this top of the range, S model type. This particular S-Class is the bestselling version due to its combination of all of the size and prestige expected of a long wheel based limousine but with a very respectable fuel economy. And this Blue Tec derived economy doesn't impede on power delivery with swift acceleration and effortless cruising in a smooth and hushed manner. The overall package that the S350 delivers is a delight to experience and that is why this car is the luxurious limousines of choice for chauffeuring or self-drive.  

The S-Class range of models has onboard Mercedes latest, often world-beating technologies, materials and finishes. In the S350, with its V6 engine and long wheelbase, it provides for the ultimate in spacious practicality with plenty of opulence.

By nature of being a limousine, the S-Class is sizable, yet with styling that is sleek and powerful whilst masking its sizable proportions. The interior has room for up to five adults and is luxurious in all aspects; the leather upholstered seats are surrounded by visually pleasing fixtures, fittings and finishes.  

This S-Class employs numerous driver and passenger aids and technologies, from a comfort setting that provides a buttery smooth ride to electronic driving aids that provide excellent cornering and stability. As driver or passenger, you can rely on this luxury limousine providing you with the perfect all round prestigious motoring package.     

For such a sizable car it is difficult to imagine that it is capable of returning up to 50 mpg which it can through the state of the art design of its Blue Tec engine.   

Hire this fine Mercedes Benz limousine to drive yourself or to be chauffeured in, whichever you chose you will in no way be disappointed.  


As you would expect in a Mercedes S-Class LWB the rear passengers have extra leg room to relax, wrapped in soft leather seats electrically adjustable, heated combined with your individual climate control.


  • Engine: 3.0L Turbocharged V6
  • Power: 258 BHP
  • Torque: 457 Nm
  • Maximum Speed: 155mph   
  • 0 – 60 mph: 6.8 sec
  • Fuel: Diesel

Facts about Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes-Benz takes its production process extremely seriously and employs one inspector for each team of eleven production workers. Their job is to closely check on the entire build process, continually reviewing the standards of work. This provides for a fault-free final product as by the time the car is sold it has been constantly scrutinized passing thousands of inspections.

In 1940 there were almost no roads in Nepal when the first car arrived. The car was a special gift to the King of Nepal from the German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, who choose a Mercedes-Benz which had to be hand-carried by a group of men to Kathmandu, Nepal's capital.