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Why hire a Porsche?

At Hertz Dream Collection for Porsche rental we understand that our clients want to take to the road in something that is sleek, sophisticated and makes a statement. Whether they are off to a business meeting or just want to blow off some steam in a stunning vehicle, there is the opportunity to manoeuvre into something incredible when hiring this car. Take your pick for car rental Porsche - a Porsche 4 x 4 for hire is a prime choice for many clients and with good reason. Porsche is an iconic brand that is known around the world for its ingenuity, stylish elegance, and ever-evolving performance. Take a deep breath and prepare to take in the incredible power and might of these cars for Porsche hire UK when you book a Porsche rental in London with us.

We are Hertz Dream Collection offering Porsche hire UK.

We are partnered with one of the World's leading car rental brands, covering more than 8,300 pick-up locations in approximately 150 Countries and with almost 100 years in the rental business.

Hertz Dream Collection Porsches combine the security, peace of mind and customer service you would expect from a global car rental leader such as Hertz with top of the range Porsches. All cars are owned by Hertz Dream Collection and are rented to customers under the strict terms and conditions of Hertz.

Customer care helpline 7 days a week, Hertz Loyalty Programme – Gold Plus Rewards, 7 day cancellations and 48 hours time /location amendments before car collection.

Porsche car hire delivers top of the range, high spec, engines to die for 

Seating four adults and offering enough legroom and space for everyone, you will find it difficult to hold in your excitement and maybe even utter a squeal of delight when you race around in a Porsche 4 x 4. This brand has become known for its various features and amenities that please, inspire, and tell the world that this is a car to admire. Examples include eye-opening sunroofs, silver rollover hoops that remain true to tradition, and electric capabilities. Enjoy a supreme driving experience in one of our cream of the crop porches for hire. We offer rentals on schedules and timetables that can vary from over a week to a single day. You can count on us to go the extra mile when it comes to extending offers that are optimal with amenities that are sure to please. Our luxury car rental services are meant to inspire and excite, and our customer service is second to none.

Hire a Porsche from Hertz Dream Collection

Other riveting details include a rear glass screen that shifts upwards and outward for that easy-breezy, wind-whipping driving experience. Roof panels that slide back to reveal more wonderment and rest over the hulking engine. While some four-seaters are available with convertible tops, others can feature hard-topped shells that epitomise the look of class and timelessness, as well as some kick-butt power and might. Speaking of awesome strength, consider some key specifications of a 4 x 4, such as:

  • Acceleration from zero to sixty-two miles per hour in 4.6 seconds
  • A top speed of 183 miles per hour
  • Four-wheel drive
  • A Straight 6 3800cc engine with 400bhp and 440Nm of torque
  • Automatic transmission
  • A combined fuel consumption of 30.7 miles per gallon

That familiar attitude of form and function that circulates around every automobile that Porsche produces is cherished and inspiring to many, whether behind the wheel or watching enviously from afar. Timeless charm and cutting-edge amenities combine to create a powerhouse of old-fashioned beauty and chic sexiness. Driving around in this beauty of a machine will instil a newfound sense of confidence and zest for life. The iconic emblem that marks one of these vehicles is a stamp of sleekness, style, and superb performance.

If you want agility and accuracy, this vehicle will deliver. Moreover, for those seeking to quench their need to put the pedal to the metal, you will not be disappointed. There is the ideal balance of calmness and full-force adrenaline behind the wheel of a 4 x 4. Cornering and twisting around bends and turns is an adventure in and of itself, while attacking straightaways with super-powered speed and endurance is an experience that motorists will never forget.

Rent a Porsche with Hertz Dream Collection!

Looking for the perfect combination of comfort, class, and chic style? You have finally met your match. Slip into the cabin of one of these automobiles and you may never feel the same way about driving ever again. Book your Porsche rental in London today!


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