Discover the Best Airport Transfer Service Provider in London

Heathrow Airport is the prime gateway to the city of London – and also one of the world’s busiest international airports that witnesses heavy footfall annually. Many travellers visiting London prefer car hire in Heathrow because it makes the onward journey fast and hassle-free.

Fortunately, some of the best luxury cars hire companies now have their rental kiosks at London Heathrow Airport. This makes it simpler and stress-free for holidaymakers and business travellers to pick up their cars right after they land at the airport and set off towards their destination.

Renting a premium car from Heathrow Airport might appear deceptively simple. You book a car online, pay the rental price, hop in the ride of your choice when you arrive at the airport and you are ready to go. However, with a myriad of choices available for car rental in Heathrow, it can be difficult to find the best airport transfer service provider.

Discussed here are some important factors to keep in mind.

car hire in Heathrow

Determine Your Purpose of Car Hire in Heathrow

Defining your car rental needs will eventually boil down to choosing the right luxury car of your choice. This is important because Heathrow car hire companies offer a wide range of options and selecting one that adds value to your experience can be difficult.

Are you a business traveller or visiting London for a holiday? Are you travelling alone, with your spouse or in a group? What do you expect from luxury car hire in London – comfort, style or speed? Will you have a lot of luggage? Want a convertible if you expect the weather to be fine?

The best you define your needs, the easier it will be to filter your search and get the car of your dreams. For instance, if you are travelling with family or a group of friends, then a 2-seater supercar hire will not be an ideal choice. Similarly, if you are a business traveller, you’d want to book an executive sedan or perhaps a convertible that makes a lasting impression.

Similarly, if you are planning to traverse off the roads, a 4×4 SUV by Range Rover will be the best pick. So, determine your needs first and then pick a luxury car of your choice.

Do Your Homework Thoroughly

Once you have determined your needs, it is crucial to research the car rental company’s terms and conditions, especially when booking an airport transfer service. Some of the factors to consider here are:

  • What airport rental car services are included in the package? Do they provide the option for an additional driver or have free GPS?
  • Do they have any travel restrictions regarding how many miles you can journey in a day, road conditions or where you can travel?
  • Are there any applicable late fees or penalties when you exceed the mileage limit?
  • Do you need to pay an additional fee if you book a one-way journey?
  • Does the rental agreement include any liability that you should know?

Having clear and transparent knowledge of these factors will help you make an informed decision when considering luxury car rental in Heathrow.

Quality of Service

Whether you are visiting London for the first time or have travelled numerous times, you’d want the experience to be hassle-free and comfortable. Therefore, choose only a reputed and reliable car hire company that pampers you with the highest levels of service right when you land at the airport.

luxury car hire in London

Check their airport car rental service. Do they have a kiosk at Heathrow Airport? If yes, is it easily accessible from the arrival terminal? Does the company provide airport meet-and-greet services? Here, a representative of the car rental company will be waiting at the airport’s arrival gate to receive you when you reach Heathrow and guide you to the rental kiosk.
Typically, the booked cars can be picked up from the airport’s parking zone or just a few minutes away from Heathrow Airport. A good car hire company will provide a free bus service to take you from the rental kiosk to the pickup point for utmost convenience.

Also check whether they provide prompt customer support, clean and well-maintained vehicles and great service that will instantly bring a smile to your face. A good company is that understands excellent customer service goes a long way that will make you keep coming back again and again.

Do They Charge Airport Car Rental Fee?

This is an important question you should ask before considering luxury car hire in London. Typically, car rental companies that have desks at Heathrow need to pay a fee to the airport. Often, a percentage of this fee is included in the car rental price.

But at the same time, the car rental service provider also offers attractive discounts or special offers that can help balance off the additional airport accessibility fee. Special price-offs may be available for early bookings or when you pay in advance. So, make sure you discuss this aspect with the car rental company before you book.

Best Airport Transfer Service in London – Hertz Dream Collection

Whether you are looking for a supercar rental, a luxury SUV or a ravishing sports car, Hertz Dream Collection ensures professional and reliable airport car hire service. They have an excellent fleet of vehicles, combined with expert airport service that ensures a worthwhile experience.